Inatori Tokai Hotel Yuen

Izu Inaroti-Tokai Hotel provides high-quality accommodation

Located in the famous Japanese resort area of Izu, Izu Onsen Inaroti-Tokai Hotel provides high-quality accommodation
and excellent service, along with an assortment of natural hot-spring baths. All rooms have ocean views,
from which you can also see Izu Nanashima. We have rooms with open-air bathrooms where you can enjoy
the sea air and a refreshing hot-spring bath, and we also have high-grade rooms with open-air bathrooms
that afford special views of the natural surroundings. Either way, this beautiful setting is sure to provide a
relaxing, rejuvenating experience.

You can also enjoy our carefully-prepared seafood dishes, which use the freshest local ingredients.
Meanwhile, Izu Onsen Inaroti-Tokai Hotel offers a bedrock bath, open-air baths, private
open-air baths, a beauty treatment clinic and other relaxation services.

A pickup bus runs between the station and the hotel, so please inform us before your arrival.

We look forward to welcoming you to Izu Onsen Inaroti-Tokai Hotell!


What is Izu Inatori?


About 2 and a half hours from Tokyo by express train and an hour away from Atami Station where the bullet
train stops, this onsen (hot-spring) resort has some truly captivating views of the ocean.

The Inatori area is located on the Izu Peninsula, a popular and well-known resort area in Japan. This region
is the closest area to Tokyo in which you can take in sights of both the sea and the mountains at the same

Come to Izu Onsen Inaroti-Tokai Hotel and enjoy onsen, fresh seafood, diving and more.